5.01.2022, Monday
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Zimek Makina Marble Industry Trade. Ltd. Sti. was initially established with the production of textile machinery, Zimek Makina Sanayi Factory Manager Murat Şahin stated that they turned to this field as a result of the rapid development of the natural stone industry with the effect of the local and global crises in the 2000s: acceleration gave rise to an externally dependent machine demand. We started the production of 'Marble and Travertine Processing Machines' in 2000 to meet this demand and to save our natural stone producers in the sector from the monopoly of foreign machine manufacturers. We have concentrated our experience completely on the production of natural stone processing machines. First, we started production in the dimensioning machines class. Then we chose to specialize in grinding and sizing.”
Murat Şahin continued his speech, his work with Tezmaksan. He said of the union:
“Our cooperation with Tezmaksan will start at the beginning of 2022. It started with the Kapasitematik program 8 months ago. Thus, Kapasitematik usage will be increased in February 2022. we started. Capacitancematik, loom production quantities and A useful program to keep track of time. View from the program; which part is processed
display. This will make our use even easiera feature. In order to analyze the production quantities at the moment, the year waiting for the end. Afterwards, we got from the collective reports we will be able to observe changes in the light of the data and We will draw a roadmap accordingly. A few we want in the interface change has also been made. Easy to use and this type We are pleased with Kapasitematik because of its advantages.”

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