Privacy Policy

This site is managed by Tezmaksan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. The headquarters of Tezmaksan Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is located in Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No:129, 34040 Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL.

Your security is important for us, maintaining your security and privacy is among our priorities. In addition to our sensitivity about your privacy, it is our legal responsibility to protect and maintain your privacy within the frame of the legal regulations in effect in Turkey. We respect your right to keep your personal data confidential and understand that you would like to know how the information we receive from you is used.

We hope that you will understand better how we use and secure the information you send us when you spare a couple of minutes to read this privacy policy (Privacy Policy) . Please remember that this Privacy Policy is applicable only for Tezmaksan, not for other companies and organizations we direct you via the ads or other links on our web site.

What information do we collect?
We collect information from you when you open an account, visit our web site, sign up for our services, use our transaction platforms, subscribe for our bulletin and/or fill out a form/application. In addition to these, we may collect information by means of e-mails, faxes, telephone interviews or all other communication ("Communication") methods. Please remember that retention of such information for a certain period of time is a requirement of the legislation in effect in Turkey.

We may also collect your personal data including site regions as a result of your usage and visit our web site and transaction platforms, viewed pages, frequency and time of visits, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer identification parameters, types of applied procedures, downloaded documents, mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling movements and texts you enter on this web site, web sites directing you to us or web sites you connect via us. Such information will be stored along with your personal profile.

For what purposes do we use your information?
Your personal data is only used to provide you with quality service and security in accordance with the legislation in effect in Turkey. Information we receive from you may be used in the following ways:

  • Customising your experience and ensuring continuity of your personal profile,
  • Where necessary or appropriate, contacting you about services offered to you and keeping you up-to-date by giving you information about the transactions you perform,
  • Improving our customer services,
  • Applying transactions and instructions,
  • Managing advertisement, survey and other site features,
  • Managing and administering products and services offered to you including offering you marketing information about products and services provided to you by us,
  • Executing the regulated terms and conditions and laws in effect,
  • Sending your user name and password,
  • Informing you about bulletins and other opportunities we think you might be interested in,
Do we share any information with third parties?
We do not sell, trade, transfer or share your personal information with third parties under no circumstances. We may establish partnerships or alliances with other companies offering high quality products and services that may be valuable for our customers, which may also include joint marketing agreements. We may share some of your personal data with affiliated or contractual companies to allow such products and services to be able to satisfy your needs and make it possible for them to be offered to you in a useful and appropriate way. The use of your personal information is incontrovertibly restricted to the purposes defined in our relationship with the affiliated or contractual companies.

If mandated by laws, we may disclose your personal information to prevent our services from being used for fraud or abused, and to protect the rights, possession or safety of others and ours. Apart from that, your information may be shared with law-enforcement officers and other authorized bodies and between third parties in case of a conflict between you and Tezmaksan or you and third parties with regards to the services we provide, or when we think you violate or on the verge of violating the terms of agreement between you and Tezmaksan.

We may; furthermore, share your information in case we undergo a reorganization within the frame of a different structure or are in play or in a merger process by and with a different legal structure or organization or a different entity to ensure that our services are maintained by taking the relevant differences of such entities and provided that the terms of this Privacy Policy are adhered with.

Non-personal visitor information may be provided to other persons for marketing, advertising or other kinds of usage.

Contact information is deemed to be non-sensitive and non-confidential information by this Privacy Policy and you agree that your contact information is used by us on the web site or other platforms without laying any responsibilities or liabilities on you. We may use and monitor your Communication for a better customer service and a more effective commercial experience and web site use. Under no circumstances will your communication with us be shared with unauthorized third parties.

Except for those mentioned above, we do not sell, trade, transfer and disclose in any ways your personal information without your explicit and clear consent.

Except for those mentioned above, we do not sell, trade, transfer and disclose in any ways your personal information without your explicit and clear consent.
We implement a series of security measures to protect your personal information while entering, sending or accessing your personal information.

We ensure that a safe server is used. No matter how much such systems and procedures mitigate security breach risks, they are unable to ensure a complete safety and Tezmaksan does not guarantee its services are completely free from any abuse, failures, illegal seizures or illegal access to the information stored thereon and other information security risks or that personal communication through our service will remain confidential.

Please keep in mind that we, as Tezmaksan, make all commercially reasonable effort to protect your information as required by the Privacy Policy; however, internet still carries risks in terms of safety for all users. For this reason, Tezmaksan may not be held responsible for any risks of safety.