Kapasitematik Mobile Application

Thanks to this project, which you can think of as an Industry 4.0 application, you can collect the key data of the machines in a center by accessing remotely. With the help of "Kapasitematik", a remote monitoring system, CNC users and businesses have the chance to follow their existing machines instantly.
Kapasitematik Mobil Uygulama içerisinde;
  • Machinery Track
  • Number of Parts in Process
  • Programme number
  • Stoppage Notifications
  • Total Stoppage Time
  • Machinery Performance
  • Operator Performance
  • ERP-MRP Integrations
  • Operator Screens
  • Instantaneous Status Screens
  • Duplex API ERP-Kapasitematik ⇔ Kapasitematik-ERP is included.
Instantaneous Status Screens; It is the screen that expresses the status of the machines in the factory live with coloring. Colors refer to four different situations. With this awareness;

The color black means that the machine is not working. 

Yellow means the machine has stopped. 

Green indicates that the machine is running. 

The color red means that the machine is alarmed.

“OEE”, “target and scrap”, “spindle loading” values of the machine are also shown. The graph showing the number of pieces statistics displays the number of pieces processed in an hour interval. The graph showing the operation times shows the time when the operation took place.

Program Number; the pointer reaches its numerical value according to the program number of the currently processed part; this field changes continuously as the part is processed. At the bottom of the graph, the instant program and tool numbers and trend status can be displayed by the users while the name of the machine on which the work is being processed is displayed.

Stoppage Notifications; There are screens where the registered stops of the machine, the settings made are listed, the number of scrap parts and reprocessed parts realized in the machine are entered.

The Number of Parts in Process is a part whose instantaneous flow values are constantly changing and running simultaneously in your machine. It shows the state distribution of the number of tracks over time. It falls into this section as soon as the part is machined in your machine. When you hover over the red dots in the "Number of Parts in Process" field that are in continuous flow, information such as how many of the processed part is, in which time and minute zone it is processed, which program and machine it belongs to is displayed.  It is also possible to keep track of the number of parts machined according to the desired time interval using the top scroll bar.

Machinery Performance shows the number of parts and their characteristics. The name of the machine, number of parts, percentage of parts, program number and details are presented to the user as information.