How Efficient Do You Think You Are Using Your Machine?

The key to using the machines in the most accurate and efficient way is to increase the profitability of the enterprises with Kapasitematik. Is your operator using the machine correctly, forcing it, choosing the right tool, which program did he choose, how many productions did he make? Kapasitematik not only tracks the machines but also your operator; moreover, it can be easily tracked via tablet, computer or mobile phone...
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You can track your production data with "KAPASITEMATIK REPORTING"

With the data you will receive from the system, you can provide important support for your machine capacity utilization calculations.
  • Planned and Unplanned Stoppage Tracking

    Did your machine stop, when it might have stopped, did you plan this? If you have not made such a plan, do not worry; Kapesitematik will report all these details to you!
  • Production Tracking

    To follow the parts produced by the machines, thereby be prepared to report productivity rates to the customer's privilege.
  • Efficiency Tracking

    Information such as the working speed, production numbers and operation times of CNC machines are read instantly and efficiency calculations are made for you.
  • View Screens and Details Instantly with Mobile Application

    User-friendly "Kapasitematik mobile application" offers companies the opportunity to meet their needs directly by showing company information with "instant status screens" and providing control from anywhere.

Duplex API ERP-Kapasitematik<=> Kapasitematik-ERP

With ERP, MRP connections and bidirectional API, you can provide instant data flow from Kapasitematik to ERP, from ERP to Kapasitematik, give work orders, and even control planning.
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ERP-MRP Integrations

With the integration of "Micro ERP" in itself, this service is provided to companies that do not have ERP management, while direct access is provided with Kapasitematik production data.
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