2.01.2022, Tuesday
sayfa 122.png (515 KB)KUTES Metal was founded in 1990 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil under the name of KUTES Casting, KUTES Metal started production in 1993. In 2017, KUTES Metal separated its casting and machining operations and established KUTES Casting and KUTES Machinery brands under the roof of KUTES Metal. KUTES Casting can cast 50 thousand tons per year, while KUTES Machine, which stands out for its precision machining and outstanding engineering capabilities in the services it offers, can do about 60 thousand hours of continuous machining. Serhat Tezel, Machining Manager of KUTES Metal, one of the important companies in the sector, explains the collaborations that started with Tezmaksan thanks to Kapasitematik as follows.

When and how did your collaboration with Tezmaksan start?
Are you satisfied with this cooperation?
Our cooperation with Tezmaksan started in 2021 with a machine investment, training organizations, and production tracking systems information. We are pleased with the qualified cooperation and fast responses offered by Tezmaksan.

When did you start using Kapasitematik?
Since February 2022, we have been able to carry out production monitoring in a more practical way with the commissioning of the Kapasitematik system.

How did your use of Kapasitematik affect your business processes and production? What would you like to say about the advantages provided by Kapasitematik?With the use of Kapasitematik, our response times have been shortened because production tracking can be done instantly. The analysis of the data obtained with various reporting opportunities can be made more effective. Thus, we can effectively reduce our losses. With the integration of the ERP into the process, the awareness of all our employees has increased. We can make improvements as a team for our non-production losses. Even new operators can learn it quickly because the interface is simple to use.

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