8.02.2023, Wednesday
kapasitematik-1.png (526 KB)Could you introduce your company to us?
We were established in 1990 as CTL Conical Lock. in Istanbul metal spare parts production in our production center With our experience, we produce CTL brand conical lock systems. Our company, as a brand, of conical lock systems The first domestic manufacturer in our country. With this responsibility, the conical lock
for the recognition and dissemination of systems in our country. to continuously increase production capacity, to supply products from stock to meet the needs of the sectors with promotion and R&D activities. To bring together the most accurate and quality products with our manufacturers, Our brand has a mission..

Are you satisfied with the cooperation with Tezmaksan?
The company responds quickly to all of our questions and responds to problems.He is also solution-oriented. Capacitance user will show the necessary care to the companies that want to be I am thinking. Our cooperation is very new thanks to Kapasitematik.This efficiency, which it added to us in the short term,We were very satisfied with the solution partnership thanks to our brand loyalty

When did you start using Kapasitematik ?

Kapasitematik,has been active in our company for only 2 months. Since we started using it, it has positively affected our production. After Kapasitematik entered our production area, we started to follow the operator and machine performance data with reports. With Kapasitematik, an excellent tracking system, we have the opportunity to use time efficiently. Financial losses were avoided as we were able to increase both the life and efficiency of the machines and observe the tool life.

Can we call this application "user friendly"?
Kapasitematik, As an interface, it is very useful, understandable and comfortable to use… It really provides a “user-friendly” application experience. We are able to follow the machine production quantities and stop times. What we want from the program; showing us which part has been processed. This is a feature that will make our use even easier. In addition, the fact that it creates a system where our data is reported is a very important plus of the application for us. After all, one of the most important issues of our time is to manage and benefit from information. Here, Kapasitematik allows exactly that.

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