Doping from Turkish Engineers to the Production Sector: Capasitematik

16.03.2021, Saturday

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Developed by Turkish engineers, the software called 'Capacitymatik' left its mark on the production sector. Many businesses have started to use 'Capacitymatik', which saves 25-30 percent of time and cost. The government also provides 50 percent grant support to the use of "Capacitymatik", which puts efficiency in the focus.
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Tezmaksan, the leader of the Turkish machinery market, increases both the life and efficiency of the machines with a software developed by itself. The system, which was created by Turkish Engineers and called 'Capacitymatik'; It provides users and business owners with instant working data and historical statistical efficiency analyzes by remotely monitoring the machines of the companies. Business owners using the Capacitymatik application on their machines can analyze the status of their machines by downloading the application from anywhere with internet (including mobile phones and tablets). It is possible to instantly access information such as when the machine started to work, the ambient temperature, the humidity in the environment, quality control information about the production of parts, failure conditions, how efficiently the machine is used, via the internet. As a result of all these analyzes, businesses can save 25-30 percent of cost and time.

Costs will decrease, profits will increase

With this project, which can be considered within Industry 4.0, the key data of the machines are collected in a center by remote access and these data are converted into reports. Thanks to 'Capacitymatik', a remote monitoring and productivity reporting system, CNC users and businesses can measure their existing machines and see historical trend analysis. It is possible to complete and monitor this type of work, which can be a cost and time problem for a business under normal conditions, with a single click. In his statement, Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu said, “With this software, which we have developed entirely, businesses are providing significant savings. In this period when saving is of critical importance, businesses show serious interest in Kapasitamatik.” said.

human-oriented technology

With Capacitymatik, not only the machine but also the efficiency analysis of the machine can be made. Is the machine used with full performance? Is he using the right team? Which programs are used? All this can be viewed on a tablet, computer or mobile phone. Therefore, businesses are making serious profits thanks to Capacitymatik, which enables the machine to be used in the most accurate and efficient way.

The state provides 50% grant support

Hakan Aydoğdu, General Manager of Tezmaksan Makina, also stated that the state supports the Capacitymatik software, which provides efficiency, and said, “It has been a topic for a while that companies that produce technology or use this technology to benefit the country's economy are supported within certain limits. I find KOSGEB's initiative in this area extremely correct. We, too, are extremely proud to have brought a software like Kalitematik to the country. While company costs decrease, both the manufacturer and our country gain. The fact that companies using Capacitymatik can receive grants up to 50 percent from the government also paves the way for such investments.” made a stateme

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