Hars Tractor Stepped into the Digital World with "Capacitymatic"

16.03.2021, Saturday
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Can we get some brief information about your company?

Hars was founded in 1983 by Hüseyin Angılcı in Konya andstarted production of automotive spare parts in a smallworkshop in Akşehir district. In the next process, cncmachining,
sheet-processing and casting production byincorporating it into its own structure became a facility. Thebiggest advantage of our customers is the process whichis done by our own organization in many of our productsthat we can make suitable for the user. Today as Hars, withnearly 300 colleagues in a closed area of 30.000 m2, we
export tractors and spare parts to about 60 countries.

When and how did your cooperation with Tezmaksan begin?
The founder of our company, Mr. Hüseyin and Mr. Mustafa, are very old friends. Our first cooperation was established by Tezmaksan in 1988 and it started with Universal counters. Today we have 35 stalls and all of them are the work of Tezmaksan. Both the years of trust and an innovative management approach, Tezmaksan prepares the ground for sustainable production for our industry. Tezmaksan, with solutions such as Parkurda and
Kapasitematik, exemplifies sustainability.

When did you start to useKapasitematik? With usingKapasitematik how did your businessprocesses and production reflect? What would you like to say about itsadvantages for you?
We have been using Kapasitematik forabout 8 months. I can list the advantagesit provides us as follows: Loss times ofbenches, abnormalities in loading values,performance differences between shifts,year-end employee performance see itas a healthy analysis. We are more thanhappy to use Kapasitematik, which offersus measurable and accessible microdata on production

What kind of changes did you make in human resources?
Kapasitematik paved the way for us toprovide cost advantages with helpingemployees gain awareness of the processby placing screens to our production areas and provided
early intervention by warning of the system in unusualsituations. Sadi Angılcı stated that he recommended Kapasitematik which shapes the product according to the
customer’s wishes to everyone with peace of mind. He also said that; taking the steps of digital transformation with
Tezmaksan would be our best option.

Are you satisfied with the interface of Kapasitematik?What would you like to say about its use and would you recommend it?
I find Kapasitematik very advantageous to begin with. Digitizing the process in terms of capacity analysis and posture tracking makes it advantageous. The product can be customized according to your wishes because of being a local company. Also taking the steps of digital transformationwith Tezmaksan, I recommend Kapasitematik to everyone.

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