Hars Tractor Stepped into the Digital World with "Capacitymatic"

16.03.2021, Saturday
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MACHINERY AND ITS COMPONENTS Hars Traktör stepped into the digital world with "Kapacitymatik" Operating in the field of tractor and spare parts production, Konya-based Hars Traktör preferred Tezmaksan's domestic and national production, tracking and productivity software Kapacitymatik in order to ensure sustainability in production. While the system warns in extraordinary situations, the loss of processes was prevented with early intervention. INDUSTRY 4.0 I APPLICATION Hars Traktör, which aims to integrate into the digital world quickly thanks to Kapacitancematik, can monitor critical processes such as lost times of machines, load values ​​and performance differences between shifts, with the application that it has been using for about 8 months. Kapacitancematik, which analyzes the efficiency of the machines, maximizes the performance of Hars Tractor5 in production.

Hars Traktör, the foundations of which were laid in 1983 in the Akşehir district of Konya, currently provides services in the field of tractor and spare parts production. Hars Tractor, which carries out many operations of the products made suitable for the end user, exports tractors and spare parts to approximately 60 countries with its nearly 300 employees in an area of ​​30 thousand square meters. Stating that their cooperation with Tezmaksan started with Universal benches in 1988, Hars Traktör A.Ş. Operational Management Chief Sadi Angılcı said, "We currently have 35 looms and all of them are the work of Tezmaksan. With the trust of years and an innovative management approach, Tezmaksan is preparing the ground for sustainable production for our industry with solutions such as and Capacitymatik."

"WE WILL CONTINUE OUR WORK FOR ENTERPRISES TO ADAPT TO THE DIGITAL AGE RAPIDLY" Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu said, "The production continues without any interruption thanks to Kapacitymatik. By digitizing the production processes of enterprises, Kalitematik has also made significant contributions to Hars Traktör. In this way, it easily adapts to the digital world. "We, as Tezmaksan, will continue our efforts to integrate all the new technologies developing in the world into the Turkish industry and to enable businesses to adapt quickly to the digital age. In this way, we aim to consolidate the competitive position of our industrialists on a global scale," he said. P 88 Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu

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