Integration of Robots With Kapasitematik

Industrial robot automation applications have achieved a great increase, especially in mass manufacturing enterprises, especially quality and efficiency. Therefore, in recent years, the coexistence of robots and CNC machines has become widespread in the Turkish market as well as in the world.

The vast majority of robot applications are loading and unloading applications on machine tools. In addition, robots are used in heavy and special processes such as sanding, burring, polishing, welding, pallet loading and packaging within automation.

The robot production process can be followed with capacitymatic software. It allows you to use your time and resources effectively as the capacitymatic instantly tracks data.

With Kapasitematik, the production monitoring of robot production, the data you will receive from the system will provide great support in your robot capacity usage calculations. With kapasitematik, it is possible to monitor the shortcomings of robot capacity. You can track the parts produced by robots and see their daily weekly performance

With robot efficiency, you can monitor your robot's operating performance and use them efficiently.

Robot shifts and break times do not stop. Net cycle time can be monitored for each cycle and studies can be carried out to shorten the durations by identifying the factors that affect them.