Keba Production Manager Sezer Çintan: “With KAPASITEMATIK, you never leave your production area”

16.03.2021, Saturday

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Can you talk about your company?

We started our production activity in 2006. We have included the expert staff of Arslan Oto, which has been supplying water pumps and OEMs for more than 40 years. We have Keba Automotive, Keba Exhaust and Keba Döküm brands. We carry out production and sales activities with a staff of 70 in an area of ​​8,000 square meters, 4,000 of which are closed.

 Where do you export to?​ ​

We export 65 percent of our production directly to 42 countries with the Keba brand. OEM and OES customers supply 20 percent.

How do you ensure quality in production?

In today's economy, everyone has to save money by reducing their costs. That's why, as Keba, we do our best to offer our customers high quality products at an affordable price. Since cheap but poor quality products used for saving fail quickly, the customer loses time and more money instead of saving. And that's why we, as Keba, say that "quality always wins." Our goal is to enter the top 3 in the world in the independent spare parts market in 2023. ,

Let's talk about the habits that you say "we never give up" in production, shall we?

First of all, we have an expert and experienced workforce. As a company, we combined this experience with quality. The processes of all Keba branded products from raw material to finished product are carried out under the control of Keba's experienced and expert team.

Did you meet with TEZMAKSAN technologies at this point?

As you can see, our track is full of TEZMAKSAN brands… Our cooperation started in 2011. We first bought Goodway GLS 2000 from TEZMAKSAN. Currently, we have 10 looms from TEZMAKSAN, among them Finetech, Goodway and Brother. We are pleased with this cooperation due to their seriousness of the work they do and their customer-oriented work. We can solve the problems with our interlocutors, whom we communicate with from TEZMAKSAN on any issue.

z3.png (322 KB)Brand new app… How convinced you?

There are dozens of benches in our track, 10 of which are TEZMAKSAN brand.

Machining companies need to obtain data from machines and intervene in production when necessary.

With the presentation and the examples shown to us, this system provided the opportunity to follow all the benches.

It was very tempting to receive the data from the machines in various formats. After all, as Keba, we are very open to technology and development.

What has KAPASITEMATIK brought to your production area? Are you satisfied?

Production is a serious business and if you are doing this business, you cannot act on assumptions. The operators using them are not robots either, there is always a margin of error or error. It is very important to reach the clearest data… Here, KAPASITEMATIK offers this opportunity to its users. You can monitor which piece, how long and in how many pieces the benches are working. What is in the production phase, what should be and what should not be displayed in detailed reports. You can immediately intervene in what should not be. You can examine these reports and monitor the data from any environment with internet. Naturally, with this application, you never get away from production and you are always in the workshop.​ ​

Why did you choose TEZMAKSAN?

I mentioned TEZMAKSAN's customer-oriented work. However, we would like to express the professionalism of the company. Because after-sales and after-sales services are also very strong. Adaptation of the machine and operator is of vital importance in order not to waste time in production and not to compromise on quality.


We have assigned the maintenance responsibility of the benches to TEZMAKSAN. In other words, they took this responsibility themselves. We do scheduled maintenance periodically. I have expressed our sensitivity regarding quality. Planned maintenance is also a key practice for quality, precision and time… It not only provides efficiency, but also measures are taken before a major malfunction occurs. We production managers don't like sudden surprises. With planned maintenance, bad surprises disappear.

How did you meet with KAPASITEMATIK?

While we were thinking about quality, we had been working on our own for three years. TEZMAKSAN Aegean Region Manager Asım Çetin visited us at the stage of our planning. He talked about KAPASITEMATIK, which is TEZMAKSAN's own engineering software application. As Keba, when they say "quality, efficiency and time saving", we immediately approach the subject with enthusiasm.​ ​

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