Tezmaksan has set up a production tracking system for HAUS that works with Kapasitematik

19.03.2021, Saturday
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Monitoring and sharing data in production lines permanently changes productivity and planning systems. Thanks to Capacitem, which is a remote access and reporting system led by Tezmaksan and developed by the R&D team, CNC machines are measured in many aspects such as planned unplanned stoppages, capacity states, production numbers and field feedback. 
HAUS offers a comprehensive product portfolio of reliable centrifugal technologies for different markets, industries and applications. It constantly incorporates the latest technology and innovative applications in its integrated production facility spread over 32,000 m2. HAUS has found solutions to the needs of the Internet of Things platform, which enables the production line to be optimized according to personalized needs, with Tezmaksan. Firm. Tezmaksan gave the following information about the project they implemented with cooperation: When we started the project, we set out to create a solution completely for their needs and purposes within the company in order to create their own know-how culture instead of buying a ready-made package program. However, considering that such a study was not carried out too much, it was impossible to find domestic or foreign resources. At this point, we were able to make progress in the project with the consultancy of Tezmaksan company. 

PURPOSE IS TO INCREASE PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY AND TO REDUCE COSTS, IT with four different departments. Method. The main purpose of the project where the process and manufacturing units work together. To increase production efficiency and to reduce production costs by ensuring that the machines operate at maximum capacity in 24 hours production period. 
In addition, with the tracking system, the periods when the machine independent of human control is not in production are determined and recorded as planned or unplanned stop and machine alarms are detected. Currently, time improvements are made by comparing the actual production time and the route time thanks to the work order matching. In the parkour, all machines can be monitored instantly with two giant screens and information contents including machine statuses are transmitted to the interested persons at the beginning of the shift from various platforms.

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