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What is Kapasitematik?


Analyze your machine efficiency; It is a system that reports errors and problems to its users by making instant feedback and providing error-free production solutions.

Kapasitematik alone is enough to measure the productivity of your machines, robots and operators!


Kapasitematik CNC production, tracking and productivity software. With this project, which can be considered as an industry 4.0 application, key data of machines are collected in a center and converted into reports by remote access.

Is this posture planned when your machine stops? Unplanned? It is in detail report to you.

Can follow the parts produced by the machines. This allows you to report productivity rates.

It reads information such as working speed, production numbers and operation times from CNC machines instantly and calculates efficiency.

Mobile Application where the screens are displayed and details are displayed instantly User-friendly and providing firm information directly to your Company needs Control from anywhere with the Mobile application shown with instant status screens

Controlling work orders and planning with instant data flow from Eras to ERP from Eras, Mrp Connections and Eras to ERP

Providing ERP service in companies that do not have ERP Management with Micro ERP within itself and direct access with KAPASITEMATIK production data.


By Kapasitematik, it is possible to monitor not only the machine but also the operator.
Does the operator use the machine correctly? Does it over force the machine? Does it use the right tool? Which program did he choose? How many units have produced?
All this can be tracked via tablet, computer or mobile phone. It allows the machine to be used correctly and efficiently. In this way, the profitability of companies is increasing.

Kapasitematik status screen is a display that vividly expresses the status of the machines in the factory by coloring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By Kapasitematik system, web based instant monitoring and reporting is available. In this way, you can inquire about all the losses, machinery, equipment, operator status instantly.

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What is Kapasitematik?

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